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The Orthomed hospital is a south India’s first exclusive Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine specialty hospital to offer a complete solution for all sports related injuries and sports fitness. The hospital provides state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive service for a wide range of sporting injuries includes meniscal and ligament injuries of knee, Rotator cuff tear and Bankart’s lesion of shoulder etc… occurring during various sports activities like cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, football, athletics etc.. The hospital is aiming at not only curative and rehabilitative, but also preventative, which may actually be the most important one of all.


The Sports Medicine @ Orthomed Hospital is a multidisciplinary approach to health care for those seriously involved in Exercise and Sport. Our obective is to improve and promote the Health and Fitness of sport persons while preventing, treating and rehabilitating injury through the latest in techniques and treatments, while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness. Our team of highly responsive, caring and efficient health care professionals will continue to lead the way through integrity and ethical practices.


The aim of Sports Medicine @ Orthomed Hospital is to provide the complete solution under one roof for Sports specific medical screening, Sports injury management, Sports injury preventions, Sports fitness & Rehabilitation, Sports Nutrition & Sports Psychology.

The Program

Sports specific Medical Screening and Management by Sports Injury specialist /Physician/Medical specialists.

Complete medical and laboratory investigations including blood and lipid profile, Stress ECG and X-ray, Pulmonary function tests, Renal and Hepatic functions tests, Vit D3 & B12, Calcium, Free T4 and thyroid tests, Cortisol, LDH, free testosterone etc…

Physical Fitness assessment including flexibility, strength, endurance, power by Sports physiotherapist.

A sports therapist guided Fitness/ Rehab exercise program emphasizing on cardiovascular and pulmonary conditioning, muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility, core and balance, agility and plyometric training.

Advanced Arthroscopic (Key Hole Surgery) Treatment in ligament injuries if necessary by Arthroscopy surgeon.

Post Injury / Arthroscopy Rehabilitation by Rehab therapist, Including Return to Sports training.

Diet counselling by sports nutritionist & Psychological counselling by Sports Psychologist. Sports Injury Prevention and awareness, First aid, On Field Treatment for Injured.

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