Sports Injuries to be aware of

When our body’s musculoskeletal system is pushed beyond its capacity, injury certainly happens. Pain and injury management is a part of any kind of high intensity sporting activity. Some parts of the body are more prone to injury than others.

Most sports injuries can either sprains or strains or fractures.

Injury to the ligaments is called a sprain. A ligament is the fibrous tissue that holds two bones in a joint together. The ligament works like a spring. Normally when it stretches it returns to its original state. However a single injury or repeated activity can cause the ligament to tear or to get deformed.

A strain is an injury to muscle tissue.

Fracture is when a fall or some heavy impact breaks a bone or bones. This has to be mended using a cast or may require joint replacement surgery.

  1. Ankle SprainThis is one of the most common sports injuries. You could twist your ankle while walking, running or playing sport. This can lead to injury of the ligaments that connect the ankle to the leg. The ankle will be painful and swollen.
  1. Hamstring StrainOne of the major muscle groups in the body is the hamstring. They could tear or get over stretched if you are not careful when exercising. Gradually strengthening and stretching these muscles is necessary to prevent injury.
  1. Shin Pain or Splints Pain and swelling down the front of the lower limbs is called Shin Pain or Shin Splints. This is caused by micro tears in the muscle and bone tissue of the lower legs due to stress caused by repeated intense sports activity such as cross country running, hockey, basketball and football.
  1. Knee ACL TearThe ligament that holds the shin bone and thigh bone together at the knee is called the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. (ACL). This ligament may get over stretched or torn especially when playing start- stop sports such as basketball, football or hockey. You will need surgery or/and physiotherapy to recover.
  1. Knee Patellofemoral SyndromePain and swelling in the knee could be due to the wearing down of the cartilage under the kneecap. It is caused by high and repeated impact on the knees when doing activities such as jogging, running or stair climbing.
  1. Tennis Elbow This condition occurs when you use wrong form while playing tennis, golf, cricket and other such sports. There is severe pain on the inside or the outside of the elbow. Strengthening the forearm and shoulder muscles can diminish the chances of this injury.
  1. Shoulder Strain Frequent use of the shoulder muscles while playing games such as cricket, tennis and golf can cause a shoulder strain.

This occurs if the muscles of the shoulder and back are not strong. The upper back muscles as well as core muscles have to be strengthened over time. Stretching the pectoral (chest muscle) after your game also helps prevent this injury.

There are some simple ways in which many of these injuries can be prevented. Muscles should be gradually strengthened over time to support intense sports. Warming up before exercise is mandatory. Stretching muscle groups after exercise is also important. Wearing good quality shoes after consulting a good sports doctor or physiotherapist will protect many major muscles and ligaments of the legs.

If you are experiencing pain and swelling due to exercise you must get treated immediately by a good Orthopaedic doctor. Ignoring it can only cause the condition to worsen, sometimes leading to permanent damage.

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