Sports Medicine

Medical/Physical fitness assessment for sports person. Sports Injury Treatment, Prevention & Awareness. Sports Fitness & Rehabilitation. Sports Nutrition & Sports Psychology. Advanced Arthroscopic (Key Hole) Surgery in Ligament Tears. Junior's sports fitness program. Read more

Shoulder care

Screening, Early Diagnosis and Treatment. Shoulder Rehab Program. Arthroscopic surgery for Stiff Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff Tear / Dislocating Shoulder. Read more

Knee Care

Arthritis Screening, Early Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment. Knee Arthritis Rehab Program. Biological Knee cartilage transplant procedure. Read more

Neck and Back care

Ergonomics / Rehab / advanced treatment. Read more

Dance Related Injuries

Prevention / Fitness / Dance specific training. Read more

Elderly Care and Fall Prevention

Osteoporosis screening / Treatment / Awareness. Read more

Weight-loss & Wellness Program

Medical Screening / Consultation by Obesity Specialist / Physiotherapist guided exercise regimen. Read more