ACL Surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is a type of surgery offered for sportsperson. They are people with a lot of stress on joints and knees. It is a surgical ligament reconstruction which is done on the knee.  After an ACL Surgery is opted, the recovery time is usually between 9 months and one year. In some cases the recovery procedures start at the end of 6th month. But doctors take a call on special cases. Sportspersons, athletes and normal people in case of accidents opt for ACL Surgery. Orthomed Hospitals has been in service offering wide varieties of treatment. Especially in the field of Sports medicine and treating athletes, we’ve excelled in offering the right treatment for the right person. The recovery and rehabilitation is exceptional as regarded by the patients who took out to our testimonials. Some of the most common sports injuries like Shoulder injuries such as a niggle on the shoulder, shoulder dislocation, preventive care on shoulder injuries, Knee and Joint care etc.,  

                              ACL Reconstruction and surgery has become common nowadays. If your knee ligament is torn, you could most probably have to consider performing ACL. In some athletes they might find it difficult to not go 100% fit in their sport. They could opt for anterior cruciate ligament and become match fit in a few months after complete recovery and rehabilitation.  The existing ligament is replaced by a graft structure. This surgery involves general anesthesia. It is undertaken by creating minor incisions in the knee joint. Sometimes large incisions are also made for the surgery. The ACL Surgery is risk free and there are maximum chances of acquiring your natural life after recovery. Normal performance is expected after recovery from ACL Surgery. ACLs have always been successful. They’ve never been a letdown unless in the case of people who strain a lot in their profession. Especially athletes playing hard and risking out frequently. In their case a recurrent ACL have to be performed.

                              Anterior Cruciate Ligament when performed at specialized hospitals have always went good and people who had recovered felt good about it. We also provide superlative treatment for elderly people suffering from joint pain and offer preventive care and diagnostic treatment in case of Osteoporosis. Our best team of doctors is always ready to attend the most challenging of medical cases. In addition, Orthomed also offers Weight loss programs for youth and middle aged people. Weight problems and obesity are the main cause for knee/ joint problems apart than sportspersons. Our therapists advise on what to do and what not to lose weight and becoming fit. A list of precautionary tests such as Thyroid and related observations are carried out. Our Weight loss programs are out of danger and side effects. We understand the body conditions of our patients and offer related treatment that could gel along well with them personally. This in turn motivates them to lose weight.