Sports Injuries are common. Treating Sports injuries is different from handling regular injuries. Medical history is required to treat sports Injuries. Treatment, recovery and performance enhancement sessions vary from person to person. An athlete or person who had suffered hamstring or a shoulder injury, is not treated same. It depends upon the strength of the person, the activity he/ she performs, the sports he/ she indulges in and of course the athlete’s body condition depending upon the age factor. Another important aspect is the recurrence of a particular injury and treating it. Players get injured performing or playing their respective games. Almost all sport requires athletes to stay fit. Nowadays all athletes are health conscious. Everyone are training hard to stay fit. Cardio exercises have become part of the day for every athlete playing games right from interstate level to international level.

                                                First Aid for an injury is an important part of a player/ athlete/ sports person’s life. If not offered proper first aid on time, some injuries might be riskier that they may rule out the person’s participation in the upcoming games. This is the reason teams or individuals are always look after by doctors, physiotherapists, etc., Accidental injuries might cause even more damage. Just ensure that the injury doesn’t get aggravated. Let us discus about the same in detail.

    First Aid

  • It is important to know how acute the injury is.
  • Prevent swelling by applying ice over the injured area.
  • If cut or abrasions occur, apply cream or first aid ointment.
  • If cut or injury is severe and blood gushes, first try to control the blood flow by handling the injured area with a clean wet cloth.
  • Wrap up the area with a bandage using necessary items from the first aid kit till and ensure that the person injured will be safe till he reaches the hospital.
  • Always keep the injured part elevated. For Ex: Knee, Ankle, etc.,
  • A Butterfly bandage does well in the case of deep cuts to prevent further damage till surgeon arrives.
  • Fractures and muscle pulls to be handled with caution
  • In case of fractures, hold the fractured area carefully and tie with a support to the neck in case of hand or use the services of a wheelchair in case of leg fracture.
  • Muscle pull and hard hits can be treated by physiotherapy exercises and movements. Spray balms come into rescue for such instances.

Recovery process plays a vital role to decide on the sportspersons future. Regaining full fitness is mandatory to play further. It is not advisable to play with partial fitness as it could hamper the future of the athlete. Recurrence of pain or other complications is possible too.

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