Foot care is one prime thing which is associated with all round personal hygiene. Foot is a vital part of the body essential for transit. People with diabetes find themselves in a spot of bother with a reason being if they hurt themselves and get wounded, their wounds take more time to heal when compared to normal people. Diabetic people have this problem to worry in their life. This is also a reason doctor’s put forward to those who are diabetic to get their blood sugar levels under control.

Due to the irregular blood sugar levels, natural healing ability of the body gets affected. This enables the wound to take more time than usual for healing. In the process injury might get aggravated. This is the last thing one could expect to happen. There are many Foot care products available. Proper foot care products ensure safety. Footwear is a must for any outdoor activity. Also, wearing footwear or shoes for long duration causes unexpected problems to feet.

Footwear and Shoes

Wearing footwear or shoes for longer duration paves way for tapping up of moisture. This causes fungal infection if you are a repeated shoes user. Also using footwears for longer duration causes discomfort at the adjoining areas of toe finger. It is advisable to go ahead with footwears specially made for diabetic people. The specially made footwear for diabetic people is friendly with the skin and doesn’t invite infectious developments.

Foot Maintenance

Apart from footwear and shoes, ensuring foot hygiene is an important aspect. Safeguarding your feet from germs and dirt is necessary. Never mind if you are injured or not, make it a habit to track your feet at regular intervals. Although Pedicure is not suggested by most diabetologists, proper foot maintenance is important. There are a number of certified centres offering Pedicure services for Diabetic people.

Injury and Treatment

If you are injured, visit your diabetologist after first aid or treatment from your local doctor. Confirm about any infectious spread later and ask about post cure procedures for the injury or the wound. Be cautious on outdoor activities. Protect the wound from external factors as it could make things worse. Stay healthy, check with your blood sugar levels and accordingly be strict with your diet for quick cure and healing of the wound.


Preventing wounds in foot is necessary to stay healthy for diabetic people. In case of a wound or injury in feet, care is to be taken towards healing and recovery. Consulting a doctor is a best bet in such cases. Preventing wounds for a certain extent depends upon our activities. Staying cautious and not undertaking aggressive tasks helps in the process of speedy recovery.

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