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A consultation at Orthomed Hospital is thorough, with multiple people obtaining detailed and comprehensive information about your orthopedic history and issues.

If you need them, we can take MRI and digital diagnostic x-ray images at the clinic. They are available immediately, reducing the delay between examination and diagnosis. You may also have a complete physical therapy evaluation that will give additional insight into what may be happening with your joints. The objective is to deeply understand your injury and your goals in order to help you achieve a level of healing and health that permits you to be fitter, faster and stronger than you have been in years.

What to bring

Most new patient appointments are typically 2-4 hours so we encourage our patients to bring a book and snacks.

What to wear

Please wear or bring shorts and athletic shoes.
Please bring orthotics if used.
Female patients requiring shoulder exam should wear a sports bra.

Necessary diagnostic imagery and operative reports

Please bring

Recent MRI Films and typed MRI report
Recent X-ray Films and typed X-ray report

Dr. Subair needs to see MRI and x-rays that have been taken within the past year. The typed MRI and x-ray reports are important because they provide specific information from trained surgeons or radiologists that sometimes are difficult to evaluate with pictures alone. If you have had surgery in the past year, the MRI and x-rays must have been obtained after surgery. If you have not had an MRI or x-rays, we prefer to obtain them here on our machines using our techniques.

Operative reports, photos, or video of prior surgery. (Ask your surgeon for these)
Physician reports pertaining to this specific problem.

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