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Post-operative instructions


The first few nights, we encourage you to use the pain medication prescribed for you as needed to maintain your pain relief at 3/10 or below. Please call if you feel that the pain medication prescribed for you is not effective in relieving your pain. Use the sleeping pills on an as-needed basis if you have difficulty getting to sleep.


Your dressings may become moist the first night as a result of the arthroscopic fluid that was administered during your procedure. If you are concerned, please call our office. We will change the dressing at your post-operative visit. You may reinforce the dressing with a rolled bandage from the pharmacy if it is slipping down or wet.


The ice machine will be given to you at the surgery center. This will aid in decreasing swelling and increasing comfort. Be careful not to freeze your skin. Icing instructions will be given to you post-operatively based on your specific needs.


We request that you keep the incision dry for the first few days. Please purchase a shower bag (available at our office) if advised. After the first few days, if your incisions are small, you may shower directly on them, drying them with a clean, dry towel. For the longer incisions, you will be allowed to shower as soon as the wound is dry (usually 3 – 5 days). If the Steri-Strips become loose, please place new Steri-Strips on or return to the office for a dressing change. After showering, please pour Isopropyl alcohol directly over your steri-strips to keep your incisions clean.

Incision / portal care:

You will be instructed on wound care when you come in for your post-operative visit. Your portals (arthroscopy holes) and incisions, if you have them, will be covered with steri strips. Steri strips are white pieces of tape which reinforce the skin closure. The steri strips will remain in place until two weeks after surgery when you have your sutures removed. You are permitted to allow shower water to run over the steri-strips in the shower. After showering, pat the area of surgery dry with a clean towel, spritz the area with rubbing alcohol which will be provided to you at your post-operative visit, and apply a new bandage.

Nursing visits:

A home healthcare provider can be scheduled to come to your home if necessary. They will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

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